New Name

Mr and Mrs Clarke

2 weeks ago I married my best friend James in the most perfect of days. So I now have a new identity, Mrs Stephenie Clarke, and a new blog address to go with it. But while WordPress make it really easy to set up a new address and import your posts from the old one I have no idea what happens to any followers or RSS subscribers  so I thought  I best write a post to direct you to my new home

I chose to take his name as I have no real sentimental (or feminist) reasoning for keeping my own and actually it’s nice to be Mrs Clarke  – even if it is taking some getting used to (twice in the last week I’ve signed myself in places as Jennings still).  And actually I married James because I love him and we wanted to share that with everyone we love and care about so why wouldn’t I want to share his name? 🙂

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