Connecting Wednesfield: Ashmore Park Community Association, Website and Facebook.

As we’ve  been getting involved with more locally we’ve got to know the lovely people working in the various Community Associations and tenants and residents groups fairly well. Some have seen WV11 as an asset and have seen how we can help  publicise their work and events, some still haven’t embraced the digital era and were very suspicious of James and I when we first appeared with the website and are still cautious with their approach to us. Others have not only embraced the digital age and use WV11 to support their groups,  but have also got to know James and I on a level that I would now consider them friends.

As with all friends we like to help them out where we can, so when Gwen and Ann, 2 of the brilliant volunteers from Ashmore Park Community Association expressed an interest in having a website to advertise the Community Association and the events going on at the centre we offered to help.

We advised them not to pay to have a website built as it was completely unnecessary for their needs (and more than they could afford). We put on sessions – social media surgeries of sorts –  at the community centre with Gwen and Ann along with Jean and Pat from the Long Knowle Tenants and Residents Association who had also expressed an interest in getting online, to talk them through some of the free tools they could use.

As it is the lovely Gwen is fairly tech savvy and very quick learner already tweeting and blogging from her iPad, so getting them going was really easy and we’ve already worked with them to set up the Community Association with a website hosted on and a Facebook page.

We need to work with them some more to introduce tagging, categories and to look more at how they want to use their facebook page but we’re really pleased with how it’s progressing. We also hope that although Pam and Jean couldn’t make the last session we’ll be able to help get the Long Knowle TRA on-line too soon making more of Wednesfield a better connected place.

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One comment on “Connecting Wednesfield: Ashmore Park Community Association, Website and Facebook.
  1. Great work Steph and James, I think building connections online as well as face-to-face is so helpful in communities. It means the conversation can carry on even when people aren’t all gathered at an event or meeting.

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