Fun, Fun, FUN Day!!

The Ashmore Park Community Together Diamond Jubilee fun day took place Tuesday and what a day it was! I know how hard the volunteers worked to pull everything together we were on our feet for nearly 10 hours setting up, stewarding and then packing away again but it was all worth it!

There were easily over 1500 people that came through the gates to enjoy the day with us, whole families turned up with picnics, kids arrived in groups to have a go on the bucking bronco and the laser quest, small children were enthralled by the Punch and Judy and the magician – there really was something for everyone and despite the fact we were all exhausted at the end, got soaked packing away and I’ve since come down with tonsillitis me and all the other organisers are already wondering – what next?

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  • Screw the naysayers - I've just been moved to tears by the music for tomorrows flash mob! Merry Merry Merry Christmas. 1 year ago
  • @loubylou60 Thanks Karen - I was just having a rant, over it now & looking forward to the event tomorrow :D 1 year ago
  • Sometimes I seriously wonder why we bother! 1 year ago
  • Community volunteers raise £5k - get extra christmas lights, live performances and a living tree for next year - and still someone complains 1 year ago
  • @coopukfood Except the sign above the door reads Griffith Drive - (No S on Griffiths) you may want to fix that. 1 year ago
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