Live tweeting from PACT

For months now WV11 has been live tweeting from both PACT meetings that take place in our area – sometimes it’s James, sometimes it’s me behind the keyboard but whoever it is, its always been very well received from our followers locally and further afield.

These live tweets led onto other things like the PACT Live online event we ran last October (another one is in the works and is happening soon) and last night with the support of Neighbourhood Safety Coordinator Mac Jarvis we took it another step further mixing the online activity with the conversation in the room.

With a projector, a laptop and we had a display of the online conversation has it happened.

It was well received and after a brief conversation with Mac it became clear he’s looking at ways to get more people involved – to have tweeting live from all the meetings in the North East sector!

This is brilliant news for community engagement and I’m a more than a little pleased that it was James and I with WV11 that did it first!!

Tonight @WV11 took #WSPACT live tweeting to the next level. Tweets on screen in the meeting! Live feedback!

— James D Clarke (@jamesdclarke) May 2, 2012

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2 comments on “Live tweeting from PACT
  1. Mac Jarvis says:

    @NSCMac I’m over the moon with last night’s experience of live PACT tweeting with the audience seeing an immediate output and great reaction since! One small step…. Mac J

  2. […] said in my last post how James and I started live tweeting from our local PACT meetings and how that has developed in […]

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