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As I do more and more stuff in my community I wanted a place I could dump my thoughts and observations about things there that is separate to my blog where I dump random photos and thoughts about parenting and life and this is it.

I hope to write about both real world and digital activities, we’ll see how long it lasts.

I live in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton and things I’m currently involved with are:

Co-founded and run the Wednesfield Hyperlocal blog Wv11.co.uk and facebook page.

Board member for the Wednesfield and Fallings Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership (LNP) where at this moment in time I  also sit on a community arts panel to look a project for near Bentley Bridge and the “events” committe – to help organise things like the Christmas lights switch on events (which I usually miss because I’m working – sods law!)

Regularly attend both the Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South PACT meetings where I live tweet for WV11.co.uk and input as a resident

Panel member for the Wednesfield South Community First Panel looking at funding community events with money from the Community Development Fund (where I also help keep the website up to date – and help support our neighbours the Fallings Park Panel with their website –   there’s not a lot on either at the moment but it’s early days next)

Member of the parents panel for my son’s school – although I’ve been a bit lax recently as I’ve been busy with work during the last 2 meetings – oops – but sometimes something just has to give!

Set up the first and continue to be involved with the Wolverhampton Social Media Surgery.

And finally this year I am committee member (and secretary/note taker) for the Ashmore Park Community Together group – we are a group of community member who have come together to organise a fun day to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

I think that’s it – unless you add in teaching my crazy but lovely neighbours how to use their computers and helping the Wednesfield South TRA understand their website, Phew – it seems I’m quite a busy girl when you add in working full time, my family and social life – but I’m not complaining – It’s my choice entirely and I love it.

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  • Screw the naysayers - I've just been moved to tears by the music for tomorrows flash mob! Merry Merry Merry Christmas. 2 years ago
  • @loubylou60 Thanks Karen - I was just having a rant, over it now & looking forward to the event tomorrow :D 2 years ago
  • Sometimes I seriously wonder why we bother! 2 years ago
  • Community volunteers raise £5k - get extra christmas lights, live performances and a living tree for next year - and still someone complains 2 years ago
  • @coopukfood Except the sign above the door reads Griffith Drive - (No S on Griffiths) you may want to fix that. 2 years ago
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